P1 transport monitor is designed around the concept of keeping the Patient First. From the minimalistic product design, to the integration of high-end multi-parameters, the P1 transport monitor is dedicated to safely transporting critical care patients inside or outside the hospital.

We believe it's important to keep clinicians informed of the patients' physiological information during transfer. And with Biolight P1, we can not only realize the seamless transfer of patients but also give more details all the time. From outdoor to intra-hospital transport, P1 monitors the patients at every point of care.
  • Urgent Care

    Immediate, real-time and accurate reading of SpCO and SpMet make it faster and easier to develop treatments accordingly. Built-in EWS, GCS, ST Graphic, QT/QTc, ARR detection give a more convenient way to detect any abnormalities. 

  • Mobile care

    1m drop resistance and IP44 level of protection against ingress of water and solid allow P1 to provide monitoring in the ambulance or medical vehicles as well as in any emergency medical services environment.

  • Continuous care

    The ability to have a built-in CO2 and connect to the Docking Station. P1 allows continuous monitoring of the physiological of patients. With multi-lead analysis and multi-parameters analysis, P1 ensures more accurate readings during transfer.

P1- Other features
  • 72 hours of full disclosure
  • Maximum 8 hours capacity
  • IP44 water resistance
  • 1280*720 HD
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